Stone Oak San Antonio

A New Church Near Stone Oak

The Movement Church of San Antonio is located near Stone Oak. We are a new church that recently launched on Easter Sunday of 2014. Simply stated, we are a House Church Network. It's a fun atmosphere, very casual and relaxed. Josh and Laurel Burton lead the worship. James Shupp is the pastor/teacher.

We started the Movement Church with a few purposes in mind. First, we wanted to reach people who are far away from God. Secondly, we have a passion for true discipleship--not the kind where you sit and listen to somebody lecture about the Bible. We believe that the best way to make a disciple is to do it the way that Jesus modeled. We equip people to train others how to obey the Great Commission. This is not the kind of atmosphere where just you sit in a pew, check the attendance box, and hit the reset button on the next Sunday. We are hands-on disciple makers. We believe that Christ has commanded us to enter the harvest and plant gospel seeds throughout San Antonio.

The kind of people that thrive in our environment are the ones who struggle in the typical church. Most people believe there is something more to get out of their faith. The problem is that it's so hard to break from tradition and launch into the unknown. We know what that's like, because we've made that leap ourselves. And ever since that day, we have no regrets.

If you have been thinking about taking a new step in a positive direction, if you are looking for a simple church that practices what the Bible teaches about Christian living, if you are burned out, fed up, or just confused, please contact us. We are evangelical, relational, missional, unconventional and breaking all the molds. There is a strong possibility that you may have been searching for this type of church experience all of your Christian life.

I would love to hear your story.

Call or Text: (210) 897-9787
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