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  • My First Blog +

    My First Blog “Something new, risky, outside the box, fun, unbound, crazy, unexpected, life-giving, fresh, adventurous, and blessed. All the Read More
  • Prison Ministry +

    Prison Ministry I was invited by a chaplain friend to preach in a women's prison this last Saturday. While I Read More
  • God Before You +

    God Before You For many years now I've been fascinated with the promise in the Old Testament where God says, Read More
  • Busted Window +

    A Compassion Story I want to share something interesting with you. Not too long ago I was meeting with a Read More
  • My Dad +

    The Best Dad I’ll never forget a particular call from my mom years ago when I was a student at Read More
  • Brokenness +

    The Crucified Life Over the years, I have heard a many people teach on the subject of "brokenness" and "coming Read More
  • My Catholic Friends +

    A New Church Movement Growing up Baptist I heard my fair share of criticism against people who belonged to the Read More
  • The Fruit Of The Spirit +

    Galatians 5:22-23 Have you ever wished that you could remember all nine characteristics of the fruit of the Spirit? And Read More
  • Fighting Loneliness, Pt. 1 +

    Defining Loneliness The Bible knows about loneliness: Loneliness is Elijah’s solitary flight into the desert to evade the death threats Read More
  • Fighting Loneliness, Pt. 2 +

    Finding A Friend As I continue this blog on loneliness and isolation, I wonder if this subject has touched a Read More
  • Fighting Loneliness, Pt. 3 +

    Off The Lonely Road As I continue this blog, I remember an old song by The Beetles, “Eleanor Rigby.” They Read More
  • Beware Chicken Lust +

    Overcoming Addictions I grew up in a 14X80 Lancer mobile home at the end of a dirt road in Midland, Read More
  • Believing Is Seeing, Pt. 1 +

    Seeing It Before You See It I love this kid. He believes he will fly. Most likely, he will see Read More
  • Believing Is Seeing, Pt. 2 +

    Luke 18:17 "Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receivethe kingdom of God like a child shall not enter Read More
  • Believing Is Seeing, Pt. 3 +

    Ps. 18:28 You, O LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. (NIV) Faith is believing Read More
  • Hard Falls, Pt. 1 +

    Pride Comes Before The Fall Most of us learned the story of Icarus in grade school. As the story goes, Read More
  • Hard Falls, Pt. 2 +

    Overcoming Deception: Thanks for hanging in there! These are some practical things that you can do to guard yourself against Read More
  • Hard Falls, Pt. 3 +

    Hazardous Attitudes Not only are pilots trained to avoid hazardous flight conditions, they are also trained to recognize their own Read More
  • Hard Falls, Pt. 4 +

    Broken But Not Destroyed I once knew a person who was about as self-centered as they come. Arguing with him Read More
  • The Big Stick +

    The Sword of the Spirit Here's the crazy story of what happened as I jogged through the park one day. Read More
  • Scarecrows, Pt. 1 +

    Overcoming Fear "Fear Is The Path To The Dark Side" ~ Master Jedi Yoda Everyone deals with fear. Years ago, I Read More
  • One Blinding Vision, Chapter 1 +

    The Apostle Paul's One Blinding Vision, Acts 9 A Compassion Crusade “The LORD answered me: ‘Write down the vision; write Read More
  • We Don't Do Beans! +

    You May Thank Us Later Imagine walking into your local grocery store and finding every shelf filled with beans. You Read More
  • Church Planting Movements +

    T4T and San Antonio The Movement Church of San Antonio is part of a growing number of churches that aspire Read More
  • Web Design +

    Designed By The Movement So why would a church design websites for businesses? Not long ago, the Lord inspired Pastor Read More
  • 29th Anniversary +

    Happy Anniversary To My Baby! 10 Things I have learned after 29 Years: 1. You’re not that smart! OK, I Read More
  • Audio Sermons +

    Audio Sermons God's Plan For Pain Cheer Up, Jesus Is Calling You Contact Pastor James var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-54728102-5']); Read More
  • Old Newsletters +

    December 19, 2014 Favorite Christmas Quotes "Yes! Yes I do! I like Christmas! I love Christmas!" ~Ebenezer Scrooge The hinge Read More
  • Social Media +

    You Have A Beautiful Voice. Had the Apostle Paul been born in this “information age,” how would he go about Read More
  • Small Church +

    Go Small Or Go Home Every big church was once a small church with big dreams. The people who jumped Read More
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