Church And Happiness Are Not A Contradiction

Making Disciples in San Antonio

We didn’t want it to be harder to join The Movement Church of San Antonio than it was to follow Jesus Christ in the first century. So we simplified the process into three basic steps. Are you ready to begin!

1. Let’s Meet

All churches have what might be called "a point of entry." Normally this means attending a traditional Sunday morning worship service. Since we are a house church network, you won’t find our sign next to a big building on a street corner. We’re different in so many ways, and we believe you’re going to like it.

It starts with getting to know you personally. You have a story and we’re interested. For us, it’s so much more fun beginning with a friendly conversation than to figure out how to get you into a pew. The Movement Church is not about connecting you with a crowd, but within a tribe.

And why do we do it this way? Great question! We designed our church based on what we read in the New Testament. The relational aspects of Jesus’ ministry inspired us. Strangers never change the world, not in the way that He did. If we were near the Sea of Galilee, I’d invite you for some fish and chips. But since we’re in San Antonio, let’s do some java. Or if you’ve got more time, Tex Mex is just fine. There are so many dreams to share.

2. Connect With A Tribe

Tribes are formed in many different ways. Some are comprised of people who share common interests or just so happen to be at the same stage in life. Others are made up of people from different backgrounds who really enjoy being around each other.

Tribes are not about religion, rules and rituals. They are communities of twelve who meet weekly for Bible study, prayer and laughter. We have more potluck lunches on Sunday afternoons than fund raisers. And if you don’t like wearing uncomfortable clothes to church or figuring out how to impress people, you’re a lot like us already. Oh, and we don’t sit in pews either. A couch and a Bible are just fine. It’s all about the fellowship, the fun and the dangerous message of Jesus Christ.

All tribes have one thing in common. They are not closed. When they get too big, we multiply. We are intentional about maintaining an outward focus and a friendly atmosphere. This is the kind of environment where you can share your struggles without the fear of being condemned—a safe place where others will actually pray for you.

We love studying God’s Word together. The truths we learn each week have changed our lives. We're growing. We're looking for people like you. We promise you that attending is less like a guilt trip or a root canal, and more like meeting people you enjoy hanging out with. There’s only one requirement necessary for attending one of our tribes in San Antonio. Lay all your assumptions aside, dust off your Bible and send us an email.

3. Live It!

Church is not a place, a building or even a time when God’s people gather. The church is both local and universal, but it’s made up of the body of Christ. We are the church, whenever and wherever we gather. This is not the traditional model that you’ve grown up with, but it’s Biblical. So in a sense, we are reimagining and recapturing what being the church looks like in our generation.

Let’s face it, there’s plenty of the same old stuff to choose from, but you’re probably searching for something different right now. When we say, “Live It,” we mean being salt and light in a tasteless and dark world. We mean getting involved and changing your world.

So lay it all down and take the leap of faith. Chase after Christ fast and hard. And do it all with reckless abandon.

We’re waiting for you!

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