Movement Church of San Antonio, Organic Church

What Is "Organic Church?"

Are you searching for organic faith?
That’s outstanding. Welcome!
We must be on the same journey.
We don’t claim to have all the answers,
But that’s what makes this adventure so exciting.
There’s always more to discover on God’s horizon.

Along the way we have learned
Some things about “knowing God,”
Things that have set us free from the agony
Of jumping through religious hoops.
Our journey is more like breathing,
And the scent, like crisp glacial air.

A relationship with God is natural,
And to the best of our understanding,
This is what we mean by “organic.”
You could even call it fun, because
It’s an experience best shared with others.

By simple definition,
If something is organic,
Then it’s filled with life.
Isn’t this why Jesus came?
Was it not to give Himself away
And to teach us how to live
A “real” and “abundant” life?

The Son is very near,
Closer than a brother.
So don’t be afraid.
His life is your life,
Rich and full,
Abundant and free.

The Father has a hope and a future for you.
His is the only love that knows no bounds.
You are not heaven’s whipping child.
His children are His delight.
They are called Believers,
And saints,
And priests
Even ambassadors.

Come hang out with us and our Father.
We’ll teach you how to break free from all the
Religious pesticides and institutional fertilizer.
We invite you to share this journey and learn
About the unforced rhythms of grace.
We just want to grow on the vine and
Produce delicious fruit for His glory.

This is how we become an organic church.

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