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Home Groups

It’s a welcome sign on the door, a warm smile as you enter and the smell of fresh coffee. This is a relaxed environment, a home with a living room and people who have been looking forward to seeing each other all week. They dress casually, comfortably and don't get stressed out over appearances.

It’s potluck Tuesday. Everyone arrives with a dish. Grandma’s famous apple pie sits on the kitchen counter. Someone else brought a delicious chicken casserole. There’s also a crockpot filled with roast beef, carrots, and sliced russet potatoes—all baking in a delectable mushroom cream sauce.

Everyone lands in a comfortable spot. Some sit on the sofa, others in chairs. One chooses the rug on the floor and cozies up to a big fluffy pillow. Conversation is natural and spontaneous, not draining and stiff. There are kids in the room too. They fit right in. It’s natural and keeps the conversation down to earth.

It’s hard to say when the service starts. Maybe "service" is not the right word after all. This is a gathering. The people who show up for the first time never seem to feel awkward. It's a fun environment. The conversation is interactive, sometimes humorous, always a treat. Then there’s prayer, heartfelt because we know it’s real and honest because we know it’s safe.

The Bible study is relevant. It’s not a monologue or a sermon, but a discussion. The leader has put a lot of thought into guiding the conversation. He breaks the ice with intriguing questions and thought provoking statements. Everyone feels free to ask a question or two. Comments come from around the room. It’s a positive learning environment that equips the heart and mind for daily living.

We end with prayer, and then we’re off to the kitchen. Now that our hearts have been filled with God's Word, it’s time to treat our appetites with the bounty of God's earth. The smell of the pot roast has been wooing us for the last thirty minutes. It’s as delicious as it smells, and that’s an understatement. I wish you had been there to taste if for yourself.

After experiencing something like this you might wonder, "Why can’t church be like this for everybody? And what would happen if we multiplied this experience all around our city?" We've been asking the same questions, and we believe we've found the answer. We are the Movement Church of San Antonio. Imagine being invited to one of our homes during the week. Perhaps you would like to start one in your own.

Send us an email, and we’ll talk about it. One by one we want to reach our world for Christ.

Acts 20:20 "You know that I have not hesitated to preach anything that would be helpful to you, but have taught you publicly and from house to house."

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