The Strategy of The Movement Church of San Antonio

We start by Gathering 12 people into one House Church (HC).

The Strategy Of The Movement Church

Then we Deliver the people on the inside with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Delivering People With The Good News

Next, we Train them how to Gather and Deliver others.

Training People To Go Into The Harvest

Then we Send them out to start another House Church.

The Movement Church and The Great Commission

And what if this process Multiplied into a network of 6 house churches, each with 12 people attending, all involved in Gathering, Delivering, Training and Sending. There would be a total of 72 people, the same number that Jesus sent into the harvest. We call this a Missional Community (MC), ready to be sent out for greater things.

Jesus Multiplied Disciples

Now suppose that we didn't stop here, but that we did this over and over again. 6 Missional Communities (MC) networked together would form 1 Neighborhood Community (NC). Now the number of people involved equals 432.

Acts 20:20 states that the Apostle Paul "taught publically and from house to house." We wouldn't want to miss a great opportunity to experience what was so powerful about the early church. Our House Church Network will come together on Sunday for worship and teaching. But it's not the same old stuff. When we gather, we hear real life testimonies about what God is doing in The Movement Church, how lives are being changed and how to keep the focus on the Spirit of God.

Now suppose that we built a network of Neighborhood Communities that formed a larger City Community (CC). Now we've reached 2,592 people.

This is the strategy of

A new church in the greater San Antonio area formed to reach "Our City For Christ."

But why stop here? It's too much fun to keep dreaming. We believe that Jesus wants to reach our state too. So what would that look like? We keep doing the same thing. We plant more House Churches (HC) in every city where God opens a door.

As The Movement spreads, City Communities (CC) now come together to form a State Community (SC).

And this is where the fun really begins. We establish a Training Center and begin thinking nationally.

We commission House Church leaders to duplicate the same movement in cities all across the nation. State Communities (SC) now expand into a National Movement (NM).

We believe that God has a heart for the nations. We feel strongly that our National Movement (NM) will build a World Community (WC) out of the simple strategy Jesus used: Gather, Deliver, Train, Send, and Multiply.

So here's the big picture:

1) What if we could gather people into one House Church (HC). Deliver the people on the inside. Train them to do the same thing. Send them out to plant other House Churches, then Multiply into a Missional Community (MC).

2) Build MC's into Neighborhood Communities (NC).

3) Build NC's into City Communities (CC).

4) Build CC's into State Communities (SC).

5) Build SC's into a National Movement (NM).

6) Build NM's into a World Community (WC).

We believe this looks just like the Great Commission. Out of these 6 steps, which gets you most excited? Let's talk about it over a cup of coffee or through email.

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