James & Cherry Shupp

Happy Anniversary To My Baby!

10 Things I have learned after 29 Years:

1. You’re not that smart!

OK, I thought I was an excellent judge of character and could choose the perfect wife. The truth is that I didn’t know what I needed or really wanted out of a wife. God gets all the credit for orchestrating the deal.

2. Listen, don’t solve.

I have come to understand that my wife doesn’t want me to solve all of her issues. She just wants me to listen and understand. As a husband, I’m less of a problem solver than a compassionate set of ears.

3. Sexy is helping her clean.

Romance is like a set of tools to fix things that bug the daylights out of her. I no longer look like a “hunk.” However, I can do a “hunk” of things that make up the difference.

4. Make her laugh.

I don’t spend a lot of time trying to entertain people even though I’m a preacher. But I love to hear my wife laugh. I get a greater kick out of hearing her laughter than listening to the crowds roar.

5. Every day is new.

In some ways, Cherry is a different woman from the girl I married so long ago. I’m a different man too. The key is growing together, not apart.

6. God is the common denominator.

The one thing that has never changed is our steadfast devotion to serving the Lord. What He says is true and perfect. Whenever there is a disagreement between us, God always wins the argument.

7. Learn to trust.

Things change. Life happens. People disappoint you. Fear can overwhelm you at times. Trusting God for the future is essential for peace in the home.

8. Forgive quickly.

Let it go. You never gain by holding an offense in your heart. Reminding each other of pain long past doesn’t help, only hurts, and never heals.

9. Stop whining.

Why talk about all the trash that got dumped on you today or over the last decade? Instead, dream about tomorrow. Paint a picture of what tomorrow may bring. Live in your expectations, not your regrets.

10. Gift giving is an art.

The perfect gift may not cost a lot of money. In fact, it may not cost you anything but time. Print out a certificate for 10 free backrubs on demand, or something else that she enjoys and see what happens.

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