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Checkbox Religion?

God is pleased, right? I’ve checked every box. I’ve done my duty. Will I go to heaven when I die?

Jesus didn’t invent “checkbox” religion. You won’t even find it in the Bible. In fact, it’s impossible to climb your way into heaven or check yourself in. If you started right now and never missed a step, didn’t rest or sleep, and gave everything you had—all your time, money and effort—you still wouldn’t make it.


Because there’s nothing you can do to get yourself into heaven. What needs to be done has already been done. It isn’t about checking all the right boxes. Jesus already did that. He satisfied every requirement that God laid before Him. But He didn’t need to do it for Himself. He was already perfect. The good news is that He did it for you and for me.

Today, God is giving you permission to stop checking all the boxes and begin discovering what to believe instead of what to do. Take the next step and find out what true salvation really is. Click here to find out more.

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