New Church In San Antonio

A New Church In San Antonio

We are Unconventional and Relational plus Imaginative, Minus all the Clichés

This is not your ordinary church in San Antonio. We are not looking for spectators to sit in a crowd and we’re not interested in being performers. You won’t find us designing marketing campaigns that appeal to church shoppers and hoppers. We’re not located at an intersection or on top of a hill. We don’t even meet at all the usual times.

But you might have a lot in common with us. We are passionate about Jesus Christ and committed to His Word. We crave authentic Christian fellowship and seek to live out the Spirit-filled life. Our mandate is to engage our culture and go after those who are far away from God.

It bothers us that the younger generations are abandoning the institutional church. Personal beliefs and attitudes about the church are undergoing seismic shifts. The landscape of Christianity in America is changing rapidly. We have a plan to do something about this.

Our strategy to reach the generations and the nations comes straight out of the book of Acts. We don’t need oversized buildings and big budgets to be effective. All we need is a place to gather. Throughout the week, you can join us in homes, coffee shops, parks, or just about any place where people gather. Then on Sunday, we would love for you to attend our House Church.


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