We Don't Do Beans!

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You May Thank Us Later

Imagine walking into your local grocery store and finding every shelf filled with beans. You walk up and down the aisles and notice that there’s quite a variety: green beans, pinto beans, black beans, kidney beans, even cannellini beans—all in different packaging and in great supply.

There’s just one problem. Let’s say you don’t like beans, never did, never will. You’ve tried them in every way imaginable—raw, steamed, boiled, fried and refried. You've even used a variety of spices over the years, but that hasn’t seemed to help your appetite much. The whole experience has left you malnourished. You fear that your taste buds are planning a revolt.

But wait a second! There are other stores in your city. You decide to check out what they have to offer. Up and down the streets you drive, burning precious calories, dreaming of something that will reactivate your love of eating. You visit store after store, only now you’re really disappointed. Beans, beans and more beans. Beans are everywhere. It makes you sick.

Is it time to give up eating altogether?

Not if you want to live.

The Movement Church of San Antonio is not a place where you find cool beans, hot beans or even leftover beans. In fact, we don’t do beans at all. We are building a network of people who want to break away from the standard diet. Join us for a potluck meal or a hot cup of coffee as we study the Word of God and reach our world.

I think I hear your stomach growling. Your appetite just returned. Shoot me an email or drop by for one of our home groups.

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James Shupp, Lead Pastor of The Movement Church of San Antonio