Tired But Can't Stop?

Worship at The Movement Church of San Antonio

Been There, Done That

Turn off the alarm… run.
Get in the shower… run.
Eat breakfast if you can… run.
Drive to work… run.
Work… run… run… run.
Drive back home… run.
Eat dinner… run.
Get ready for bed… still running.
Fall asleep... dream of running.
Hear the alarm and do it all over again.


Even with all that running, still out of shape, still overweight, still thinking that Tom Hanks had it pretty good on that island.

And what about rest?

God made you to rest one out of every seven days. A day without running is a day to hold hands and laugh with your wife. It’s a day to watch your children play. But most importantly, it’s the time that God set aside for worship. There’s no other means to recharge and revitalize after so much running.

The Movement Church is all about honoring God and appreciating the natural rhythms of life.

Oh! BTW, that cat is from hell. There’s one way to get him to stand down. Call on the name of Jesus and ask Him to rescue you from the rat race.

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