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So why would a church design websites for businesses?

Not long ago, the Lord inspired Pastor James to visit local businesses in the area where he had planted a new church. As he entered each one, he asked one simple question: “How can our church pray for your business?”

The responses were varied, but each had one thing in common. They appreciated that someone cared enough to ask this question. The reality is that running your own business demands a lot of time and energy. And along with this comes the emotional drain of such things as worry and fear. Enlisting God's help is not just a good idea, it is the secret to why some people thrive and others don't.

During these conversations, it was sometimes mentioned that parts of their webpage were broken or in critical need of updating. But unfortunately, after inquiring about the cost of refreshing or overhauling their website, it was often more than the budget would allow. So in most cases their www.WhyChooseUs.com lumbered around the cloud like a badly wrapped mummy, offering up broken links to nowhere; and the kiss of death, dispensing inaccurate information—all served up by an outdated design. Yikes!

This gave Pastor James an idea. He wondered, "What if our ministry included helping businesses thrive in the marketplace? Marketplace ministry is not a foreign concept to the New Testament. The Apostle Paul used his tent making skills to advance the gospel. So why not use another set of skills in our contemporary culture to do the same?"

The Movement Church of San Antonio is a new church with a desire to obey the Great Commission and love people the way that Jesus did. We believe that the relevance of the gospel in our society is tethered to the relevance of our ministries. The days of churches consuming resources without giving back has run its course and exhausted the patience of most. We see this clearly and believe God has called us to make a difference where we are planted.

If you found this page because we designed a website for someone, we want to give all the credit to Jesus Christ. It was His idea that made this possible. So He deserves all the praise and glory forever and ever.


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